• Discussion Papers

    RMF Discussion Papers publish high quality research on a wide range of topics principally around money and finance that adopt a political economy, heterodox economics, economic sociology or similar approach. We invite authors to submit new papers and welcome theoretical and empirical analysis without preference for particular topics - our aim is to accumulate a body of work that provides insight into the development of contemporary capitalism. We also welcome literature reviews and critical analyses of mainstream economics provided they have a bearing on economic and social development.

    Submissions are refereed by a panel of three. Publication in the RMF series does not preclude submission to journals, indeed several discussion papers have gone on to be published elsewhere, however, authors are encouraged independently to check journal policy.

  • Eurozone Reports

    RMF Occasional Reports are substantial investigations typically written as a collaborative research effort. The first 3 occasional reports investigated the Eurozone Crisis between March 2010 and November 2011, they were published individually in several languages and attracted widespread media and academic interest, they went on to be compiled and published as a book in English by Verso.  

  • Occasional Policy Papers

    RMF Occasional Policy Papers are short articles (typically less than 1000 words) that investigate contemporary economic issues and draw conclusions which have clear policy implications.  

  • Journal Articles & Books

    RMF members have a long and growing list of journal articles (some previously RMF Discussion Papers) and published books, details and links to many of which are recorded here.

  • More RMF

    RMF members are regularly published in newspapers, blogs, and other online media. Details and links to many of which are recorded here.