Second RMF Report on the Eurozone Crisis: Eurozone Between Austerity and Default

rmf-report2September 2010

Sweeping public cutbacks are being imposed across the Eurozone. A new RMF report analyses the costs, benefits and social implications of action to break the cycle of debt as opposed to enduring austerity-induced long-term stagnation.

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Download executive summary in English and French (thanks to Eric Toussaint)

For Media Coverage of the Report see El Pais (in Spanish, 12 September 2010), Jornal de Negocios (in Portuguese, 13 September 2010), Sbilanciamoci (in Italian, 15 September 2010), GR Reporter (in English, 17 September 2010), Imerisia (in Greek, 17 September 2010), Prin (in Greek, 20 September 2010),  Epikaira (in Greek, 22 September 2010),  Público (in Portuguese, 26 September 2010), Eleftherotipia (in Greek, 26 September 2010), Sky Radio (in Greek, interview with Costas Lapavitsas, audio posted: 26 September 2010), The Guardian (by Costas Lapavitsas, 1 October 2010), EUobserver (by George Irvin, 4 October 2010), La Vanguardia (in Spanish, 17 October 2010), Jornal de Negócios (in Portuguese, interview with Costas Lapavitsas, 6 December 2010).